Christmas is a time of songs and lights
Snow falling softly over little villages tucked in tight
Blanketing them in a cozy white slumber
Fires crackling keeping everyone nice and warm
While presents overflow under the tree

But there’s so much more than this you see
There’s a darker side of Christmas
That people only dare to whisper softly about
If at all
People donate money and toys into bins at the mall
Stuffed bears and dolls with trucks and balls
But no one stops to think about the actual kids who get it all

The little girl with no tree
Eating a peanut butter sandwich
While others feast on turkey and stuffing and cranberries and pie
Her mom just wants her to be happy
And picks up a community hamper for them this year
It’s a feast tonight, a small turkey, bread, some canned veggies,
And two toys from Santa
Her smile sparkles like the freshly fallen snow
Her eyes twinkling like the bright stars above
Her heart is bursting with so much love
On this night they feast and play
Forgetting about their usual struggles
Just for today
To enjoy the magic of Christmas
Made possible by the little donations
And love

Around the corner in a darkened room alone
Sits a young man wanting to give up and give in
The guilt felt this time of year
When everyone is happy and filled with cheer
And he can’t even find his smile
Not even for a little while
He can’t breathe with his heart so heavy
No family or presents
No decorations or meal
Just him alone with his dark thoughts
Trapped in his head in the cycle he’s caught
When he’s almost convinced to end it all
He picks up the phone and makes the call
The crisis workers calmly taking calls
Helping people find their way
They don’t quit just because it’s a holiday
They know that’s usually when their work is needed most
His life is saved by the kind words of love they didn’t have to say
Together they talk, ensuring he lives another day

Further down the street the shelter doors are open
Extending warmth to those who need it most
There’s warm soup and blankets
Gloves, scarves and hats to wear
Tonight no one here will go cold
Because of donations and volunteers
And love freely shared

The magic of Christmas touches every corner tonight
But when the Christmas lights are taken down
Tucked away out of sight
We must not lose sight of this spirit of good cheer
The hungry, depressed and cold
Must not be forgotten and need to be kept near