When I stood in front of the open door
I saw all the way to the horizon
And it was beautiful
The rich landscape showed me so many possibilities and freedom
But I paused

I didn’t know where to go first or what to do with all that space
I felt overwhelmed and filled with anxiety
How is it possible that in front of such beauty
I can be filled with this dark cloud

When I stood in front of the open door I knew I had two choices
I could either step through to this wonderful adventure waiting for me
Or I could close the door and never feel that freedom
Where I was standing felt comfortable, familiar
So why should I mess with what I know?

And a breeze came in and blew past me
I could feel freedom in its touch
I longed to feel more of that

But I couldn’t just stand here and wait for it to come to me again
I had to make that leap and take what is there, clearly waiting for me
I never thought walking through a doorway could be so challenging
But I never thought I’d be leaving behind that familiar comfort

I had to take a chance
And stepping over the threshold
The door closed behind me
And I knew life would never be the same again

When I stood in front of the closed door behind me
I knew adventure awaited and it was mine to go after
With all my being and soul
I took a deep breath and stepped away
Stepping into the life that has been waiting