When I stood in front of the open door
I looked out and saw all the way to the horizon
It seemed so far away
Yet like in a mirror
I knew objects were closer than they appeared

Wanting to run and keep on running
I knew that wouldn’t get me where I needed to go
I knew that what I needed was closer
Although my fear was blinding me to it

I didn’t know which step to take next
This open door seemed so inviting
Yet terrifying at the same time
I could see the horizon
But I didn’t know where it was
Or what lie between me and there

Would it be rocky?
Or would there be unexpected things hiding
Over the hills and behind those trees
So full of questions
Instead of trusting where I needed to go

Always trying to control and map everything out
Instead of going with the flow
Obviously the door is open for a reason

So I ventured a step through
And the world didn’t come crashing down
So I took another step all the way

No sooner had my foot touched ground
Then the door closed behind me
The universe was trying to tell me
I didn’t need to go back
I can trust this decision forward
And keep exploring all I can be

What a grand adventure awaits in the unknown
It’s apparent that everything I need
Is on the other side of my fears

Taking a deep breath
I ran down the hill
And peace and freedom were what was waiting
Just beyond my sight
And fear

Written Sept 28, 2016