The silence between breaths
Feels long and painful sometimes
When my breath is released
My head starts spinning
So many thoughts, so many worries
With the next breath, my head fills with fresh air
And my mind relaxes
But the in the silence between breaths
My mind takes off again
So many hurting, so much pain
But I can’t help them all
On the breath in, I’m reminded of love
In between the stars of the universe
There is limitless love
Tiny atoms wanting to bond to protect the universe
Colonies of stars, collections of particles
So many parts coming together
To work as one
On my breath in, I feel the love from the universe
The abundance of caring and kindness
The silence between breaths
Reminds me I am only one breath away from magic
Magic reminds me to be grateful I’m breathing
And with that breath is another opportunity
An opportunity to spread kindness and love
To love the world and all around me
One tiny star at a time
The silence between breaths
Is filled with warmth
And hope
The silence between breaths
No longer holds the darkness of the universe
Because in my heart I know
The silence between breaths
Is filled with light

written December 22, 2015