I thought I saw a small rabbit
Off by the edge of the forest
He poked his little head around the rock
But as he startled me, so I must have him
I sat quietly on my back porch
Overlooking our pond so peaceful and still
Surrounded by a dense forest
I never know who to expect coming for a drink
My little oasis welcomes my forest friends
Creating a safe place for them
And me
My quiet home is nestled away
Hidden from the hustle and bustle
With this crisp fall day
It’s chilly enough for a cozy fire
But thoughts have snow have not yet started to linger
The fresh fall air accentuated by the splash of colour all around
Leaves falling to the ground
To wrap it in it’s fall blanket
Protecting it from the soon approaching snow
Before the trees turn to skeletons
They wear their technicolour dreamcoat
Painting the forest in the most beautiful rainbow
A deer slowly moves, crunching on the leaves
As quiet as it tries to be
There are still some of us that notice her
My dog’s ears stand up as he lays next to me
But his body does not stir
He senses my calm and peace during this moment
And neither of us want to move
For fear this serenity will come falling down around us
Like the leaves taking their turn
Taking in as much of the stillness as we can while it lasts
A fish crests out of the water in an excited leap
Splashing back into the water and breaking the moment
Just for now

written January 5, 2016