Chaos in my head
My thoughts are a tornado
Reeking havoc wherever they go
Memories I shouldn’t be remembering
Feelings I shouldn’t be feeling
So I stuff them down
Bury them deep and ignore them
Just one more bite, it’ll be alright
But why can’t I cry?
The tears are right there
The pain more than I can bare
But I’ve stuffed them down
Ignored them
Just give up already
You’re an awful crazy failure
Just give up already
Eat some more it doesn’t matter anyway
Nothing matters anymore
Like a tornado my words destroy me
Nothing left of my self esteem
Uncomfortable I sit crying
Feeling inside like I’m dying
Shuddering, shaking with violent fits
But not a tear falls from my eyes
The tornado rages on
Isolating me, leaving it’s destruction
And me lost, heartbroken
Trying desperately to put the pieces back
Where they don’t even fit anymore