The words my soul speaks to me seem clouded
I’m not sure if they are coming at me too fast
Or if they are in a language I don’t understand yet
The more I try to figure them out
The more clouded they ecome
Frustrated I try to decipher
The code that runs through my mind
I don’t quite understand
All the 1’s and 0’s
But to my soul it makes sense
My consciousness just hasn’t caught up yet
What this means I don’t know
Maybe I’m not supposed to know
But my ego says I need to know
Stagnant I let out a sigh
At least for now I don’t want to cry
Unsure which way to go
Lacking the patience to let it go
Messages received but not translated
Sitting in my internal chaos
The words my soul speaks to me
Are waiting for me to slow down enough to listen
Stalling, avoiding, running away
The words always catch up with me
No matter where I run to
The words always find me
Begging to be expressed
Longing for the understanding
Lost on this path
But knowing I’m where I need to be
I may not always feel I want to be there
But deep down I know I need to be
And I will stay until I listen to the message
Listening or am I just hearing
Wanting to understand faster
Than I am apparently meant to
Frustration won’t gain understanding
It will only cloud the truth longer
Always it waits
For me to be ready
And to stop running