When I opened my heart to love
I felt my world expand
My body felt lighter
I wasn’t lost in my own mind
My mind, usually lost spinning
But when I opened my heart to love
I saw the blue sky with white clouds passing slowly on by
I saw the squirrels sitting watching the world go by
Everything seemed to slow down
I got totally into this feeling
Yes, peace. An unfamiliar feeling
I could feel my body fighting it
My natural state isn’t this sense of calm
Or is it?
Maybe this is my natural state
And all else has been false
Maybe the reason things were such a struggle
Was because that’s not how it was meant to be
Now when I open my heart to love
This is a whole different world opening up
A world I want to spend more time in
But these chaotic thoughts keep trying to pull me back
They attack who I am, who I want to become
They place doubts in all the good
Dark in the light
But the good and the light are still there
They have their steadfast continuous presence
They have always been there
Patiently waiting for me to be ready
I am, I say with indignance
I am ready for peace and passion
Light and all that is good
I am ready to open my heart to love