When I stood in front of the open door
I put my hand on the handle
My knee jerk reaction was to slam it shut
But I paused
Why was I always shutting doors
Why didn’t I embrace my ever present curiosity to find out what was just beyond the threshold
I paused, hand still on the handle
Staring blankly into the abyss
I didn’t know what I was looking for
But I felt like my heart would know when I saw it
But how can I see it when the light isn’t even on
The lights are off and no one is home?
No, that’s on.
But I haven’t even turned it on yet
Like a knob, I have my hand on it doing nothing
Why am I so scared to cross the threshold
I always sit here frozen
Not moving forward
I took a step
Hand off the doorknob
I was free to turn on the light
A big beautiful ballroom illuminated
Inside were all the ideas and dreams I ever had
Written all over the walls
Beautifully laid out as if they’ve been collecting, waiting all this time for me to take the step and turn on the light
Now what?
More questions?
I walked up to one idea and touched the glowing words, a book idea long shelved
A portal opened up under my hand
I pulled my hand away
And it shut
I touched it again and it opened more
I was able to open it further expanding out from my hand
I climbed through the wall and into a world beyond my wildest dreams
I saw the book finished, on the shelves of bookstores, me on stage promoting it, others telling me how it’s helped them
As I turned around taking it all in, it all disappeared
And in a flash, I was alone in a room, in front of me was a table, chair and notebook
And the message on the wall…
It’s time to start writing!