Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night




what difference will you make in the world? What will you express to help someone who needs it? "Writers, why bother? Because right now there is someone with a wound in the exact shape of your words" Sean Thomas Dougherty... Continue Reading →

Creative portal of motivation

When I stood in front of the open door I put my hand on the handle My knee jerk reaction was to slam it shut But I paused Why was I always shutting doors Why didn't I embrace my ever... Continue Reading →

To prove to myself

To prove to myself I could do it I took on the challenge when you said I couldn't To prove to myself I could do it I conquered my fear of heights I climbed the 20 stories of the Agawa... Continue Reading →

Take the Leap

And we get to a point where we reflect on what's really important in our lives What we want from life, what we are willing to accept, and aren't, and where we want to go, and what we're willing to... Continue Reading →

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