While the waves washed over my body
I felt cleansed, grounded, free
Letting the water come and go as it may
Not needing to control or guide it
Just letting it be
Letting me be
While the waves washed over my body
I lay in peace knowing all is how it’s meant to be
Listening to the waves hit the rocks
Splashing, interacting, letting go
While the waves continued all around me
I felt protected, safe, allowed to be me
I had no expectations or pressure
Nothing I had to get done
It was just me and the lake
With nowhere to be
The waves continued crashing around me
Slowly weathering down the landscape
Making changes at a barely perceivable rate
Yet changes all the same
Washing over me, softening my soul
The changes are certainly more noticable
I long for the day I do not need to leave this shore
That always leaves me wanting more