As I sit in the space between breaths
I feel my chest tighten
I close my eyes
Anxiety fills me and I am paralyzed
The space between breaths expands
Filling my entire experience
It’s a void, encompassing all that I am
I shake my head knowing I can choose my reality
It doesn’t need to be like this
Choking on my anxiety, I feel sick
Wanting so desperately to rewrite this story
Being blind as to the solutions how to
I cannot see a way out
My reality contradicts all the freedoms I know
Attempting to take a deep breath in
Like sucking a thick milkshake through a thin straw
One breath at a time, the space between breaths shrinks
My anxiety no longer being given the fuel, follows suit and diminishes too
My thoughts become clearer
I feel more in control
I can see the reality I wish to experience
Becoming stronger with each courageous breath I take
Breathe in and hold, breathe out
Breathe in and realize this space no longer holds the same power
I can breathe in and it’s not scary
I can sit with myself in silence
Not rushing off to escape
I am okay sitting in the silence
Loving myself more with each breath
I can breathe into the silence
Feeling it grounding me, releasing all expectations of the silence
Releasing all expectations of me