Today, to express my creativity fully, I will drive off all on my own
Sit in the sunshine in a park
And write until I can’t write anymore
Pour my thoughts onto the page
Letting my soul escape
Finding the freedom I’ve longed for
I know my soul has wanted to run
Running from my emotions
Thoughts that have stuffed my creativity
Pain in my heart, disappointment with myself
Needing to release and process in new unfamiliar healthy ways
That aren’t so unfamiliar
Under utilized for my healing
I know what ultimately helps
But I’ve been ignoring it, ignoring me
To express my creativity fully, I will acknowledge and appreciate myself
Give myself that time
Knowing everything feels easier
When I’ve given myself that time
My creativity needs to be honoured
As I know it will honour me
Together all my dreams can come true
And I can see all that’s meant to be