This exercise was done by choosing three items from a collection in the middle of the table at my recent Busting Through Blocks event. Sometimes it’s fun writing silly too 🙂 Try it yourself, with the first three items you see around you!

The horseshoe lie in the dusty dirt. I kicked it, not knowing it was there. It looked old, obviously not worn in a while. I picked it up and saw there were four nails still in it. Looks painful. I wouldn’t want them in MY feet. They are supposed to be lucky, so I turned the heavy metal in my hand. I felt drawn to it, not sure why or what I would do with it. I put it in my jacket pocket and kept walking. There hadn’t been horses here in quite sometime. I imagined what it would have been like back in the wild west days. Horses everywhere, gunslingers walking around like they owned the place. A different time for sure.

Down by the creek I saw a beaver dam. The water flowing toward it, then stopped dead. On the other side, an empty river bed with footprints. Many different animal tracks leading to many different locations. Along the edge, I saw trees, the apparent material for the dam. I wondered where the beavers were. They left their mark all over, yet were nowhere to be found.

Suddenly behind me I heard a rustling and one jumped out and attacked me! My instincts grabbed the horseshoe from my pocket and hurled it at the animal’s head. It stunned it long enough for me to run away.

I was running as fast as I could, not paying attention where I was going, when I ran into a door. It was locked. An old rusty padlock hung on the handle preventing trespassers. I searched around for a way to open it, when I saw a key glistening behind a rock. “Those can’t go together,” I baulked. But my intuition steered me to try.

The lock opened and I stepped through the doorway. A bullet zinged past my head and I ducked. Looking around, I had entered into a world about 500 years ago. Fur traders and gunslingers were hustling all around me. Where was I??