Opening the book of my life I see so many rough pages, tattered, torn, ripped and worn out. But there’s more to this book. Those are only a section of it.

There are other pages, crisp, neat writing, detailing happy moments, excited memories. Tears of joy and laughter stain the pages almost as much as those of pain. It’s all in what I choose to focus on.

I decide I’m tired of seeing these old worn out pages in the story of my life, and while the lessons learned were so valuable, I can’t give the energy to them anymore. I tear them from the book, holding them one last time, thanking them for the part they played in my story.

Then I toss them into the fire in front of me and watch them burn. The flames reach high. I’m finally willing to let them go. To let it all go.

I exhale deep, emptying my whole body of the weight of the pain. Almost totally burned now, gone.

I do not need to live in those pages anymore. I do not need to give them my time. I do not need to get lost down those rabbit holes. I am empowered. I have found my voice. I am worth filling the rest of my pages with love, joy and happiness. I deserve the success I am working for. I do not need to sabotage or tear myself down – or give up.

There is always a way out. I do not need to give up. I am worth living this life I’m building. I help so many people. I make a difference in people’s lives. I am worth living this life. There are always empowered healthy solutions. I do not need to give up. I am worth more than this. My current reality is not my final destination.