The chill in the air is a reminder that we live in Canada and winter will be done when it says so. It’s not on our clock.
Mother nature is the one truly in control
The more we screw with all that is around us
The less we’ll have control
We can try to control the weather with chemtrails
But when we have killed ourselves off
Mother nature will still be here
“Finally” she’ll sigh, and get on with her work
Cleaning up the streams, regrowing trees
Nurturing the animals and balancing the ground
The hurricanes will relax as will the
Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and fires
The peace and harmony will once again find it’s way to every corner of our round planet
Traces of human tainting
Will slowly fade away and be erased
The animals will once again know freedom
A utopia of peace and love will be found
The truth, the light, how it’s meant to be
Will fill the lovely planet of earth once more
Everything is truly and beautifully impermanent
And the chill in the air will be a reminder
That the fingerprint of humankind no longer needs to be feared
Or even a consideration anymore.