Knocking down the walls
Communication could happen
Freedom of love started to flow
The pain crumbled with each brick knocked away
Realizing the walls were no longer needed
They harmed much more than they helped
But they were formed easily because the old bricks weren’t cleared away
They were left laying around
The pain in too close proximity
Reminding of its presence far too easily
It was easy to grab those old bricks
To rebuild old walls with the toxic clay
Before we knew it, we were acting like professional masons
When we really should stick to lego
The bricks we threw were painful
We thought we were protected by our walls
But those were not walls of love
We couldn’t even hear each other through
the insulated protection we created
But it was blocking out love
So were we truly protected?
Isolated and alone, crying without realizing
There was an easier way out all along
Once we knocked down the walls of our own building
We were free to love and learn and listen once again
Once we knocked down the walls
And laid our hearts vulnerable
We could heal, together or apart, we could heal
The hurt had so many layers
But once the bricks were knocked down
And we were no longer hurling them at each other
We were free to push them aside and move past them
To crumble them down  to dust and heal
The fine powder like sand beneath our toes
No longer had the power to hurt us
Providing support and a path to the future
A future filled with love