As the last petal fell, I looked at the tulip. It’s petals started the season a bright yellow and now have become hinted with red, almost like it was on fire.

This change, this transformation, was something it went through naturally. It blossomed after a long winter, excited to get it’s show on the road. The beautiful buttercup opened up to the world and shone it’s sunshine to signal hope after the length cold season.

It spread it’s petals without hesitation and let itself be open and vulnerable to the world. Then for it’s grand finale, it summoned the fire inside, determined it’s show was not over. Wanting to wow us one more time.

It wasn’t alone, for it’s courage inspired the other tulips to follow suit. They too shone their fire essence, proving there are other colours as beautiful as sunshine.

The sunset slowly crept away.

The tulips remained strong for as long as they could. One petal falling at a time. A cold night came, causing more petals to fall off.

A small mouse took shelter under her new soft blanket of flowers. Protection as a last gift from the tulips, helping the small mouse survive the night as it took it’s last moments.

As the mouse slept, the last petal fell, gently covering her, unknowingly protecting her from the hawk overhead, looking for it’s next meal.

The mouse awoke with the sunrise, looking for nourishment. It nibbled on the petals and was given energy to carry on for one more day.

As the last petal fell, it signified the end for one being, and the beginning for another. And I realized how much I still have to learn about accepting change.