As I took my first step my leg shook
A feeling unfamiliar and uncertain
I took another step and my other leg shook
Getting steady on my feet
I felt like a toddler taking her first steps
What a curious feeling
I, of course, don’t remember when I was younger
Taking my first steps
But I remember learning to walk again in the hospital
That was scary, this just feels unfamiliar
Curious the memories that come up of times so long ago
Smells trigger them, words, sounds
And just like that we are taken back to another place in time
Some memories best forgotten
Although they can still affect us so much today
Patterning triggers baggage, so many names
Yet when it’s good memories, we call it nostalgia
Quite the perspective
Time keeps ticking, memories keep collecting
We keep stepping forward
Live moves forward whether we choose to fully participate in it or not
Making memories, living life
Creating a life we log
Or letting it create us
Deciding to take charge of my memories moving forward
Not letting the past define me
With gratitude for all the lessons I’ve learned
Both the hard way and the ones that came a little gentler with love
Each has played a role
A stepping stone to how I’ve reached where I am
Making new empowered memories
Meeting new people
Embracing new experiences
Holding my heart open for all that’s meant to come my way
And realizing the flood of wonderful beauty that has been waiting
An amazing life just waiting
Ready for me to start living it!