As I picked up my pen I paused, unsure what to write, it had been so long
What did I want to write about?
I guess the better question is what did I need to write about?
Thoughts in every direction
Sirens blaring taking my attention
So many things taking my attention
Slowing my thoughts down
Slowing them
Hand cramping up, persevering
My soul has so much to say
But my hand can’t keep up
Connecting to my breath makes me dizzy these days
Self care
As I picked up my pen I realized I needed to do this more
This is why my head has been scattered
Words have power
Words heal
I know these things, yet have fallen off the path
Getting back on, being gentle with myself
Time is all perspective
Slowing myself down
Tightness in my breath
Relaxes when I focus
Writing heals me
It helps me make sense of my thoughts
This writing is wandering like my mind
Like the family circus cartoons
Dotted lines all over town
Loving myself
Breathing love into myself
I know what to do
Trust the universe
It always has a plan
Whether I like it or not
Time, an illusion
It is what we make of it
Savouring every moment
Finding gratitude in the little things
2 minutes, stopping to breathe
Simple things get me through big changes
Trusting when I quiet myself
I will be shown the way
Wanting to retreat to my own cave
Shutting out the world for a while
Pausing, connecting to me
Time slows down
But my head still spins
Slowing down
Knowing it will all be okay
It will all be okay