On my breath in I chose to feel peace
To fill my body with serenity and calm
Enough letting others affect me
Enough distractions from my creativity
When I slow myself down, sit quietly with myself, guidance comes
I don’t have to run around crazy
I can trust myself and the guidance I receive
I can love myself
I let the tears flow, for the first time
I let the tears flow
Letting go of judgement
Embracing vulnerability
Releasing so many stored up emotions
Crying deep from a place of healing
What once caused relapse
Now causes deep reflection, healing
Letting myself feel and not be scared of the feelings
Alone I finally feel who I am
Without others telling me who I should be, or criticizing that I should know better
Hurtful words replayed over and over
Stinging deep
Tears reaching deep, cleansing them all out
Flushing out the pain
Leaving room for the present
My past does not have to be my present
The present is a gift I give myself
Renewed sense of who I am
Learning who I really am
Leaning in to my hopes and dreams
Letting the darkness go
Knowing I am worthy of my dreams
I do not have to play small living other people’s stories
I can do this – yes, I am wonderwoman too!