When it was over I took a breath
I looked around, wondering if it was really over or if something would sneak up and blindside me
Look what you’re manifesting
This could have been over much sooner if I didn’t derail myself so often
The universe has been delivering so fast lately, I have to watch all my thoughts
Choices, are they they right ones?
Is anything truly over when we think it’s over?
So many questions, so much uncertainty
Needing more faith and trust
And less doubt
But hurt and pain create doubt and mistrust
And the more I focus on that, the more I’ll create
I want to create good, be in alignment
Receive all the signs and check points to confirm I’m on the right path
The butterflies and hummingbirds, the hawks and centipedes
The animals shed their feathers for the angels to help
Watching the squirrel bury his nut he almost sacrificed his life for
Knowing there’s no way he’ll remember where he put it
He didn’t even leave a marker
How often do we – I – do things in futile efforts, trying to get ahead but just scattering my nuts everywhere
Leaving small traces all over but not making a significant difference
Wanting to plan ahead, make changes
But still ending up in the same place
When it is all over, will I look back and wonder what I did with my life?
Will I have made a difference at all
Or just buried nuts everywhere hoping to sustain myself for the winter
And instead planted trees for future generations to have shade
While sacrificing self care now in this moment
Priorities, refocus, transformation
And ceasing running crazy in traffic
Self preservation and giving back
Balancing so when it’s all over
I have been content, and didn’t just wait my whole life for happiness