Tucked away in my little Tropicana orange
Are all the little folded pieces of paper
Each with one of my secrets safely written
Things I need to let go
Things I trust are figureoutable
Things my mind was obsessing over
And over and over and over
Until broken and exhausted
I took a little piece of paper
And wrote it down, folded it up neatly
Placed it in my orange, and let go of control
Finding freedom in my little orange
Reflecting on the things I know I put in there
Committed not to read any and take back control
Knowing so many things that felt like big things
Aren’t even a thought now, perspective
Full moon releasing, emptying the orange
It’s quite full now and I’m quite ready
The final step to release and burn
Fully allowing the universe to help and work its magic
Trusting, asking for help, having faith
Magic happens in my little Tropicana orange
Because everything is indeed figureoutable

*recommended additional inspiration
-Everything is figureoutable book by Marie Forleo
-tiny piece of paper song by Paul Brandt