What/Who do you trust?

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because its trust is not in the branch, but in it’s own wings”

I hide behind the curtain
Afraid to show you my face
Afraid to look at my own face
Afraid. Letting fear win

The bird does not trust the branch for safety
But her own wings

I have this light inside
It burns brighter the more I learn, the more I heal, the more I forgive

When I love and accept myself
I dont need you to love and accept me
Because I trust my own wings
I trust my own light inside
It burns brighter as I trust myself, grow my courage and have faith in the higher guidance I receive

Its nice when you love and accept me
As humans we need connections
In a world more connected than ever
We are more lonely than ever
And why I need to learn to love and accept myself more than ever
So I can rely on my own company, my own wings
And be connected to me, complete with me

So you become a beautiful bonus
When you add your light
To the light that burns inside of me
And we can come out from behind the curtain together and be seen, connected, unafraid and loved