When I open the safe I put in my feelings. Is that possible? Can I put something intangible into something tangible? I suppose I do it with my ideas into writing all the time.

but feelings in a safe? Has any such thing been done? I’ve often wanted to put them in a bottle. Would I throw it into the ocean to be found by some stranger on a coast somewhere far away?

They might open this bottle with my feelings and realize they too, feel the same. Connected through space and time, reassuring each other we aren’t alone. Connecting over miles, or maybe right next door. Connecting across distances with those we’ve never met, making this big scary world feel a little smaller and maybe not so scary.

If I put my feelings in a safe, they would be locked away, avoided and ignored, and I know from experience, that is not the healthiest way and usually ends up with more trouble, either mentally or physically. My feelings locked up in the safe that is my body has caused self destruction and self sabotage, keeping me from all I dream and want to do.

In a time we are locked away in the giant safe that is our homes, this is no time to lock away our feelings too, to disconnect, to isolate and become recluse. We need to toss them in the bottle in the expanse of the ocean and allow new people to find the bottle, to connect and relate.

Maybe the genie that will come out of all this, isn’t a key to the safe of our hearts, but the knowledge we don’t need to be scared of each other because ultimately we are all one, sharing similar fears, hopes, dreams and love.

That bottle I threw out in the ocean is filled with all the love I can muster, for myself, and everyone all over the world