My tongue bleeds from biting down all the words left unsaid

Fighting down the feelings so others don’t get scared

The scars left behind from so many others lashing their hurtful words

And silence is my only response

Holding my integrity while you tear me apart

The line up grows longer to smash apart my heart

Stuffing the pain down until the stuffing comes out sideways

I’m human too, don’t you realize?

My health is compromised, my body falls apart almost as much as my head

Better in than out, all the things left unsaid

Broken down and fallen apart

I lay on the floor dying inside

No one hears you scream

If no voice can form the words

So I sit and type this piece

Trying to find some relief

I don’t know where to go from here

When yesterday it seemed so clear

I just don’t want to hurt

I dont want to feel so alone

But as this virus tears at our society

Keeping us further and further apart

I fear I’ll forget how to put myself back together

If I even want to at all