Walking through the forest everything seemed calm and peaceful
Quite the opposite of what had now become of the world
As we emerged from our chrysalis’
The world seemed to hit the ground running
The last few months of quite peaceful slumber and transformation discarded
Much the way the caterpullar sheds its skin 5x to prepare before it turns to goo
Our time as goo has come to an end
We are given our beautiful wings
What we decide to do with them can make all the difference
Will we start the real process of change
Continuing the caremongering and helping our fellow human
Or will we flap our wings so frantically
That we start a hurricane on the other side of the world
Only time will tell
But for now, as I walk through the forest
I bathe myself in the quiet simplicity and hope found here
I wrap myself in peace with the branches of the trees
I breathe in nature and forget the world beyond
For one more day