As the rain fell outside
It washed away any pain and sorrow
A clean refresh and new start for all
Tapping rhythmically on the glass
The raindrops lulled me into a state of hypnosis
Quieting my mind, if only for a moment
The drops allowed the thoughts to stop
For me to get out of my own way and flow
For so long the words had remained stuck
And now they poured out of me like the rain down the eaves
And I let them
I let the creativity wash over me and cleanse my soul
I let the words flow without judgement
I just wanted to create
Words healed me
They helped me find who I was back again
Through each drop of rain on the window
Through each word on the page
I healed
I created and healed and transformed
I felt whole again and was still
I was me again
As the rain fell outside