When everything changes, does anything really change?
So many things tossed on their head
Fighting rhyme and keeping the words at a distance
Trying to let them flow and heal
Too many thoughts, too much chaos
I feel lost

Trying to find myself back the only way I know how
When everything changes, I still have my writing
Holding the words close to my heart
I don’t even know where to start
I have to let them flow
And then I will know

Rhyme comes easily when I’m trying to keep the words away
But in my heart they cannot stay
I need to express what’s been trapped inside
I need to open my heart big and wide
As cheesy as it seems, it’s coping
Healing my heart I’m hoping
Better than losing myself in distraction
I just hope I find some satisfaction

I can write through it
I can just keep writing
And the words will heal the chaos and confusion
The words are my way home, back to myself
They are the only way I know
Even when I forget