Sitting quietly the pieces come home
Put back together I feel whole again
My head stopped buzzing
My thoughts stopped spinning
I felt the peace inside

Then I picked it up, just for a peek
Let me just look up one thing
And it leads to another
And I get lost again
Without even realizing I gave myself up again

Disappointed and hurting
Sick to my stomach
Knowing I need to break the chains
Find the freedom only silence and peace bring
Find the freedom only disconnection brings

But what if…
But only…
But I need to…
But I want to see…

No. One is too many, 1000 is never enough
I remember these feelings
The addiction
Just different forms of the same hurt
I can’t keep doing that to myself

I need to come back to me
I want to feel whole again
I embrace sanity and peace
I put it down
And walk away.