Pandemic, Preppers, Preparing for Possibilities
Balancing reality, possibility and fear
Called crazy before 2020
Now they’re the ones writing books and sharing tips
For any of those who will listen
It’s not a matter of IF anymore
It’s more a matter of WHEN and HOW

For the few who are ready
There will be much less fear
Learning from others who survived collapse in other countries
Hearing terrifying tales, but necessary
Hopefully these things will never be needed
But I’d rather be wrong than caught blindsided unprepared and helpless

I prepare for comfort, peace of mind and safety
I stay on the fringes of awareness so I don’t get too consumed
By the rabbit hole
But I know, if I need, I can take care of my little family and me
And if that’s what keeps me sane in the chaos
And I’m not interfering with anyone
Then please, don’t call me crazy, then come to me for help