Masking my feelings to keep the peace
Silenced, opinions internalized
Spilling over to so many other areas
Who am I to do anything I want
When I can’t even speak up for myself
Taught my body wasn’t my own
Triggered on so many levels
Don’t touch me, I’ll heal the concussion on my own
Don’t take over my mind with your subliminal methods, I’ll heal the PTSD on my own
Don’t put your untested medicine in me, I’ll keep myself healthy on my own
Don’t silence me, I matter too
But when society is now trained to attack
MSM silences those not following the paid for narrative
Don’t try to speak up, you no longer have rights
More rights taken away at the hospitals – for your own good
Scratch that, the good of the collective
You, as an individual, don’t matter anymore
No where to run, no where to hide
Cases spreading everywhere, cases…
But how many are actually getting better?
Focus is on fear and control, not on calm and health
Take away how you’d build immunity
Sanitize, Distance, STAY AWAY
Connections build your immune system
Some germs build your immune system
This vaccine can’t be for over 60
Wait, it can ONLY be for over 55
Wait, it’s all we have so it’s for everyone
No one questions so they push more
Taking away livelihoods
Making you dependent on them
If you grow your own food and take care of your own health
You wouldn’t need THEM
So sanitize, distance and line up for your jab
Don’t question or discuss
The target will be on you next