Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night


feeling alone

I Lost Myself

I lost myself in distractionNot feeling safe in the present momentSabotageYou teach people how to treat youWell that makes sense How can I learn to love myself againHow can I take back my lifeHow can I be healthy and love... Continue Reading →

Seeking Truth

Masking my feelings to keep the peaceSilenced, opinions internalizedSpilling over to so many other areasWho am I to do anything I wantWhen I can't even speak up for myselfTaught my body wasn't my ownTriggered on so many levelsDon't touch me,... Continue Reading →

Love Gives Us Hope

How will you embrace love and hope today? Love gives us hope It sparks the embers inside And gently fans them, encouraging them Until the flame ignites A Phoenix rising from the ashes To be a love warrior In a... Continue Reading →

The Sunset

The sun set on another day and I felt.. Like I'd truly accomplished something and hadn't let another day go to anxieties and worry. Trying to ground myself and live more fully in the present can help me appreciate every... Continue Reading →

Soul Connections

As I walked through the crowded streets I felt alone Among thousands of people And I just felt so alone There wasn't anywhere or anyone in particular I longed for I guess I just didn't want to be with me... Continue Reading →

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