The key to embody compassion is to open your heart and shut off the ego. The ego will often have you filled with judgements of other people, which shields you from being your true authentic self. Often what we judge in others is reflective of what we are not addressing in ourselves. If we take the time to reflect on that which angers or bothers us about others, we can see where we need to heal. This is the first step of compassion – compassion for ourselves.

Once we can see ourselves with gentler eyes we are able to extend that to everyone around us. It will come naturally. When we can look at ourselves with the eyes of love, knowing we are doing the best we can, we can forgive ourselves – for not being perfect, for judging, for being harsher than necessary. We can heal our old wounds by living fully in the present and making the changes now. We cannot go back and rewrite what happened, but we can compassionately move forward with the lessons we learned, to make a whole new start.

We can live differently now, when we truly forgive ourselves. We did not know then what we know now. We did not have the same experiences or insight. When we can love ourselves for all that we are, we will cease judging others and allow them to be the flawed human being all the same.

Ultimately when viewed with the lens of compassion, we see the humanity in people. We can let go and accept, allowing others to be themselves, because we accept and allow ourselves to truly be who we are. Living authentically extends compassion to all that we are and are becoming. We can love others because we love ourselves.