Never again, ever again
I’ve worked too hard for all that I have
Rebuilding over and over again
But now I have the non material pieces too

He tried to snatch it all away
But he could not break my kindness
My tenacity and drive to help others suffering

Never again, ever again
I don’t want them to hurt or struggle
I share my hope
So many times rebuilding
Yet here I am again

I hold on knowing deep in me
There’s something bigger, something more
I see the big dreams clearly
Not knowing how or why or where

Uncertainty crumbling down around me
I take the next step and don’t let it break me
So many have tried to break me
Yet here I am again

I cut myself on the shattered pieces
And wrap my hands up and keep writing
My words have power, they get me through
My brain may need a reminder
A wake up call of creativity
But I know the words are inside

I can heal my brain from distraction again
I surround myself with things that bring me joy
I fill myself with love and joy as well
As inside, so outside
And here I am again

Pen scratching my soul on the page
Letting the words tumble out of me how they may
Knowing that one day what I say
Will help the thousands that have been energetically waiting
For me to step into my own power to stay
For me to share all that overwhelms me inside my head
For me to write healing words from my soul

To transmute the darkness and bring the light
Releasing the darkness
Never again, ever again
And here I am again, connecting with me, again