Grateful for You

You. Mysterious You.
Decades of mysterious you.
You have a hold on me still I can’t explain

Seeing you appear on my computer screen
I caught my breath
My body froze
Electric passion through the screen
Could you feel it to?

Conversations since have treaded the line
We know each other so well
We feel safe being vulnerable
We just know

Sharing languages and sweet words
There’s something more in every letter
We share big dreams and believe in each other
Even if we are worlds apart

I know your heart is divided
When I thought you were gone
I was lost too
Not realizing it mattered
Until it did.

Now you will go again
Like you have many times now
Putting yourself in danger
For the responsibility weighing on your heart
I can’t keep you here
Even though I long to
I have always known you are a bird not meant to be caged
That’s what I loved about you

No matter how much time has passed
The love remains
That connection that transcends the noise
It’s bigger than all the obstacles and challenges
Always leading us back together

A decade later
A piece of my heart will always be there for you
Blinded by the passion, the electric energy

I don’t even know if you know
That you still affect me like this
One of the few who truly had my heart
We shared so much right from the start

You are not mine to have though
And I sigh, wrapping my heart in the love and moments we shared.
Grateful those moments existed
Grateful I knew the love we shared
Grateful for you