I Let My Heart Loose to Love Again
Locked up for so long
Guarded with heavy walls
But through a little crack, you got through

Wanting to tell you, not knowing how
Racing against the clock before you left
It seemed my sense got pushed away
Overridden by what my heart wanted to say

So I said it.

And you didn’t reply.
“It really meant a lot, your note this morning. It made my day”
You said quietly as you closed the door

All the sweet things you did and said
The intense shared moments
I felt lost. And confused
I fell back to old patterns to forget
You said you weren’t ready for anything
Yet your words and actions don’t align

My heart holds on to hope
Yet my brain tells me to move on and let go

I want to wrap myself in your blanket you left here
But my self-talk gets loud telling me I’m ridiculous.
Move on. Let go.

But I let my heart loose to love again.

I’d forgotten what that felt like.
With so much going on around me

I want to dare to hope
I want a fairy tale ending
I feel like after everything, I at least deserve that

My head replays everything over and over
Wanting a solution
Where there is none.

Maybe somehow, someway, you can change your mind
I will gladly move there away from this nonsense.

But I don’t know how.
And I don’t know what I’d do.

But moving is familiar
I’m a gypsy soul just looking for home
I thought I’d found it in your eyes

But yet again I’m tasked with saying goodbye

Nothing lasts forever

I’m grateful I met you
I’m grateful for those few months in time

You helped my heart feel alive again
You reminded me what’s possible

When I let my heart loose to love again