I thought I’d share the piece I wrote in the workshop I ran the other day for the newest collaboration book project coming out 2/2/22!

When I took a step forward
I felt like it was the beginning of something brand new
I felt my breath catch in my lungs
I knew I had to keep going
Or risk never going at all
Action builds momentum
Not the other way around
I stepped, and stepped again
And paused
Dizzy, I could barely breathe
What did I think I was doing?
I can’t possibly keep going
But what if I didn’t?
Would the dream die in my heart?
Would the words stay trapped in me forever?
Questions I didn’t want to know the answer to
I have stalled long enough
It’s time
I deserve to know – but what if I fly?
I cannot fail when I learn
I have learned so much
And keep learning, and growing and trying
I keep trying even when I don’t know how
I keep stepping even when my legs give out
I keep going even when everything in me just wants to give up
I keep on. Because that’s what I do.

When I took the step forward
I realized it didn’t matter what the last step was
If I’ve learned enough through this life
I’ve learned even when you THINK you know where you WANT the last step to go
Chances are pretty good, it won’t go there
But an interesting thing as you take the next step forward
You realize new places you want that next step to go, and the next
And you become more okay not knowing where the last step will go
Instead, focusing on THIS step
In this moment
And how to make this moment the best it can be
So the next step forward is richer and more valued
Creating new memorable moments with each step forward
Creating magic in this space
So when you reach the last step
Wherever it is
Whenever it is
You can look back and see
All the wonderful steps you got to experience
One step forward at a time