We are all connected as one
Sometimes that is harder to feel than others

When the world hurts
There are helpers
People to step up to be the voice for those who can’t
People who rally others to get needed supplies
People there to listen, hug and support
People who share financial resources
And others who lend muscle power to build, construct, rebuild, rescue

We hear the stories and watch the images
“Our hearts go out to all those affected”
And more recently, “We are all in this together”
Canned clichés of caring
While it’s easy to empathize with those hurting
It’s easy to feel connected through struggle

But that connection seems to end
With people who “hold the power” or are “in charge”
With billionaires who set up systems to get the aid to people faster, or supplies when we were locked away safely in our homes

We have limitations on our love, conditions
Politicians, law makers, killers, thieves
THEY must not be made of love
Look at what they are doing!

But we are creating more division
More us vs them
Whoever shouts the loudest wins?
But what if no one is listening…

When did we forget we are all made of love?

Just like the old adage that forgiveness isn’t for the person you’re forgiving
But instead to set yourself free

What if we wrap the world in love?
All of it, everyone.

Yes, I know some people have done unspeakable things
I have lived through many of my own horrors
But what if acknowledging that somewhere, somehow, even when we can’t fathom it

We are all made of love

If I can’t imagine someone else having any in them
Maybe that’s a situation I need to shine more of my own on
What if we let go of judgements and who or what we feel is deserving of love?
And instead, just be a loving person

What if I embrace that I am made of love?
And I act in integrity and love
And trust in the ripple effect
Trust that good will “win”
And we don’t need to add anymore anger or fear or hate

Because we are all made of love