A smell, a taste, a note struck just the right way, can lead me spiraling down rabbit holes of no return.

Sometimes i catch myself, sometimes I just let myself freefall.

Base jumping into the past with no net, reckless with my mind and my sanity.

Some are comforting, others bring terror. Some alleys I’m not meant to travel alone.

But I dare, in case this time it’s one of the beautiful ones that open up to a garden patio with a small little bistro set and a lovely soul waiting with tea.

Smelling the magnolias, I remember. The daffodils have their own journey too. No tiptoeing through the tulips, they throw up a threat of their own.

I just want peace. Please let me have peace in the present moment. Help me feel safe right now and know everything will be okay.

The beauty of impermanence reminds me I can hold close and treasure those special moments as I remind myself to just let the rest go.

Breathing in deep, grounding myself into my parasympathetic…relaxing, creating my own safety.

No more panic, no more rabbit holes, I can choose what I allow to hook me and walk away from the rest.

The past only continues to be real when you carry it into the present.

I request the airline lose that luggage and let me loose in the land of now.

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