Usually when I lay down to cuddle koda, the world is able to slow down.
The fast pace I normally operate at has a chance to catch up to the silence and I drop back into my body.
I become aware of my breath, which is usually quite shallow and I am able to be more intentional.
Deep breath in, expanding my belly, and out, letting go of all the air.
Nuzzling my face is all his fluffy fur, it’s just him and I, cuddling together, full of love.
Then, like popcorn starting to pop on the stove, an idea comes to me, and another.
My best ideas happen this way because I’ve given myself a chance to slow down, breathe and get out of my own way.
The problem lies in the choice, the decision, do I stay cuddling so sweet and quiet, or do I break that connection to write the ideas down before I lose them?
Most of the time I stay cuddling because I have dozens and dozens and dozens and dozen of notebooks of ideas, but I only have so many moments with him.
Maybe my million dollar idea was lost this way, but I’ve been able to have moments worth far more, by staying present and focused on love

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