Anytime I cuddle koda, the world disappears and I slow down to that moment, I feel his soft fur, our breaths match together, we are full of love.

Because of how much I slow down, I automatically open as a channel to the Universe and the ideas flow in. There is immense peace in the ideas I receive, feeling confident they will help so many others.

I often feel torn between wanting to write them down and continuing the cuddle. Sometimes if I jot down a couple notes. I break the peace, but most times I’m able to snuggle right back in.

This also happens when I’m painting. I get so focused on the technique, blending the colours, creating shape out of the shapeless, the world disappears and I feel peace and calm inside. I can just live in this bubble for 2 or 3 hours, and truly focus.

Focusing feels so difficult some days, consistency, creativity, follow through…grounding myself into internal peace is more important than its ever been so I don’t snap and say or do something impulsively that I will regret.

When I can take care of my internal state, the external becomes so much easier to work with and get through. I feel more peace and hope. I can stay focused on what I can control, and feel grounded in being able to handle anything life puts in my path, changing or adjusting course as I need to.

When I am filled with peace I have confidence everything will be okay, even if I don’t know how

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