When I stepped out of my comfort zone, I kept a promise to myself.
My life expanded and I didn’t let fear rule my life.
I was able to have new experiences, breathe new life into myself, take chances and feel alive.
I was no longer limited by things I thought I couldnt do and instead created curiosity and challenge in my life.
I proved to myself i could, so i did.
Suddenly my dreams didnt seem so daunting and I had the courage to try.
I wanted to see what all I was capable of.
I built creative momentum and had hope for creating change, for building a new life for myself and not staying stuck.
When I chose to step out of my comfort zone it was intentional, guided, I got out of my own way and allowed.
The moments of being trapped inside my head, spinning my wheels were quiet.
No squeaky wheels, just flowing.
I saw signs of alignment and felt reassurance to keep going.
I felt stronger ro face fear and bust through the terror barrier, Thank you Bob.
And in the moments I faltered teetering on the ledge of self sabotage, I knew I could come back and reread this and remember what it’s all about.

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