Many of my habits were born out of distraction, discomfort with myself, with this present moment.
They’ve caused health issues and a million wasted moments but here i am, aware and wanting to change.
Action builds momentum though, not the other way around.
Discipline to do what you need to do, even after the moment to want to has left.

Cold showers have been teaching me so much, that crazy wim hof.
When I’m all cozy warm in my shower, knowing the apartment waiting just outside the glass doors is not as warm as I’d like, I turn the dial anyway.
The cold hits me, I gasp, I take a long measured breath in, slowing and stopping any panic.
Not today.
Today I am in charge of how I feel and what I will do.
I let the cold fall over my head, then taking another long measured breath and repeating, we are doing this, I turn and let the cold wrap its blanket over all of me.
Each time I do this I manage to stay in longer.
Invigorated, refreshed and proud that I kept a promise to myself, I shake my whole body and take more deep breaths.
Today I won this habit.

Now to meditate and drop into my body further, being present, safe, okay in this moment.
Some days I need more reminders than others.
I am professional, I am calm, I am safe right here right now, I am creative, I am capable, I am a leader, I am safe, I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming. I am safe.

Another habit born from saying all the opposite far too long.
Wanting more for my life.
Building healthy habits, healthy eating, healthy exercising, healthy thinking, healthy hobbies.

Falling back and stumbling, sabotaging, spending far too much time escaping and not focusing.

But each day is a new opportunity.
And new opportunities can start over many times each day.
Building habits not to stay stuck, desiring more for myself and my life.
Action buikds momentum.
One little step at a time.

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