When I opened the book of my life
I was grateful to still see some blank pages
Hope, to create change and keep going
There is possibility on those pages
Potential I haven’t yet seen
And it may be even bigger than I imagine
It will be
It has to go up from here

There are pristine pages in my past as well as those shattered torn and won’t last
But here I stand looking at them all
Gratitude for this book as it’s documented all the times
The ones that have been few and far forgotten
The celebrations and community

The chances I took to change
Even when I fell flat on my face
I got up
Everytime I got up
Even when I couldn’t walk
I literally relearned how
And got up again
They said I wouldn’t
I said I will
And I did
Limits are lost on those brave enough to keep getting up

Keep turning the pages of the book of your life
It doesn’t mean the next one will be smooth and pristine
It may crumble and disintegrate
But keep turning the pages
Don’t get tripped up on one tale
For there are many more to be written
Don’t spend too long looking and lingering on long lost language
You aren’t there anymore
Those words written aren’t real anymore
They are layers that happened to get you where you are now
But they aren’t real unless you choose to keep making them so

So as I look forward to making more moments and memories
And probably mistakes…
May I give myself the grace of continuing to turn the page
And not giving up, and simply shutting the story
I will keep turning, one page at a time

Posted with freefall writing from prompts in the Creative Writing Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/groups/213087289131266/?ref=share