Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night


getting it out of my soul


I break down the walls, starting to find hopeTo come out of the writing coma to create againThose walls serve no good purpose, but the other ones...The walls around my heart are growing hard and highToo much of everything Not... Continue Reading →

The Weight of My Pen

As I picked up my pen it fell heavyToo long not doing something The muscles atrophySo one word at a time I get it down Word choice matters But in freefall it just comes outFrom deep in my heartThe words... Continue Reading →

Take Me Away

Take me away to a place I can feel safeA place I can create and stay a whileChange is great, growing out of comfort zones to create courage and confidenceBut where do I leave my most precious possession, my sweet... Continue Reading →

Chance on Creativity

A dream is a wish your heart makes but when my heart aches and breaks from the weight of unfulfilled dreams and I'm blinded to the dreams that have come true for I can't rest on past successes but if... Continue Reading →

Colours of Life

As the sun ignites the waterThe lake is lit on fire in hues of red, orange, yellow, and purpleThe sun dances on the waves making them sparkle and shimmerAs it dips further down into the horizon for another dayThe days... Continue Reading →


There's something about summertime When the loons and crickets and tree frogs fill the air with their storiesThe crackle of the bonfires warming you as the night grows chillyA reprieve after dripping in sweat under the heat of the daytime... Continue Reading →


The way the rain fell on the windowMirrored the tears falling from my eyesToday I let them fallNot caring enough to wipe them awayThe rain poured down the glass in front of meBlurring my reflection Mother nature cleansing herself of... Continue Reading →

Chill Cycles

The chill in the air is a reminder that all things come in cycles, they pass and come and goThere is an end to all things I endure that I think I won't surviveThat if I just hang on a... Continue Reading →

Someone Rearranged the Furniture

I really wish they had while I was sleeping, even if it would be a bit creepy and after moving day I woke up this morning to find furniture and boxes still strewn everywhere where I left them when... Continue Reading →

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