Every step I take gets more cautious
I don’t want to hesitate but life has shown me this is prudent
I want to be fearless, take the chance to live and make the moments matter
But with words that feel stuck
I weep
I wonder what lie ahead
And word choice tripping me up
With every word step I take
They don’t flow as they did yesterday
And I get frustrated with myself
Each day is uncertain
Where will my creativity and focus be
Can I cope and continue to create
Or will I be halted hitting the wall, my head my own worst enemy
I just want to share the stories and ideas
Help a few more with the ideas I’ve been given
But fear trips me up
With every step I take
Self doubt, self sabotage, self destruction
Instead of self reliance, self esteem, self worth
Why bother taking any steps at all?
Because there’s a longing in my heart that doesn’t go away
Even on the days my head doesn’t work as good
Days that the concussion symptoms are more prevalent
I am still pulled forward, to keep taking steps
Sometimes pulled by a power far greater than my own
Is how I know it’s not about me
I’m merely a vessel for the universe to express itself through
I make myself available and the creativity flows
Getting out of my own way
With every step I take

Posted with freefall writing from prompts in the Creative Writing Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/groups/213087289131266/?ref=share