I break down the walls, starting to find hope
To come out of the writing coma to create again
Those walls serve no good purpose, but the other ones…

The walls around my heart are growing hard and high
Too much of everything
Not enough of what matters
Sitting in the dark and silence of the still morning
Creativity comes to me
It saw the light I was shining
And it found me back again
Soothing my heart like only words can do

I know the walls have formed because I must do this on my own
For too long I let just anybody in
Accepting just anything
And being left destroyed, picking up the pieces
But I’m not sure if I’m ready to break down these walls
As the shift is serving me well to go deep deep within

In a dark cavern of my own making
Finding on my own what I should do
Trusting myself and stopping looking beyond the walls like I’ve always done
These walls give protection
A sense of safety, self worth, self reliance
So I think they’ll stay for a while longer
I’m not breaking them down yet

Posted with freefall writing from prompts in the Creative Writing Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/groups/213087289131266/?ref=share