It was a day for picnics but we hated bugs
They always seemed to infiltrate our picnic and ruin it for everyone
So we definitely weren’t having a picnic
On this day for picnics

We packed standard picnic fare
Into a cooler bag
Refusing to use a basket
Maybe that was the secret to keeping the bugs away
Maybe they liked baskets

Off to the park we went
With our cooler bag
On what was definitely NOT a picnic
We were just eating lunch in the grass
Near other people picnicking

We made sure to keep enough distance
To make it too long of a trek for the bugs
We didn’t want to be guilty by association
Since it was such a day for picnics

We opened our sandwiches and took a bite
And the ants came marching two by two
We saw them heading our way
And before we could say ANTS!
They were joining our very non picnic picnic
Our lunch in the grass

It must not be the basket, we thought
Or the proximity to the picnickers
We definitely did not want to share with these intruders
So we packed up to leave

Divebombed by hornets
Encircled by ants
Some had even gotten into our pants

Abandoning our cooler bag
We ran
Shedding the bugs as we went
They were more interested in the cooler bag food anyway
It really was tasty

So we had second thoughts
And didn’t want to sacrifice our good food
So we went back to reclaim what was ours
The bugs wouldn’t win this time

Shocked to see us come back
They scattered
And we were able to get back to what mattered

The sandwiches 🥪

Written from a prompt in the creative writing group I facilitate. Check it out!