As I stepped out of the door
I realized all I was carrying with me
Was too heavy for this journey
The bags barely fit out the door
Bumping me around as I went
Weighing me down
Pulling me back towards inside

But I was stepping out of the door
I was done with that now
So why did I feel I still had to carry all this with me?
Panic, fear, the what ifs…
They all made my head spin

Tripping over myself and my self imposed limitations
I wanted freedom yet my actions didn’t match

Who was I feeling the shoulds for?
To whom was I feeling the obligations?
Did they even really matter anymore?
Did they fit with where I was going?
Or what I wanted to leave behind…

If I was truly going to step out of the door to freedom
I had to be willing to walk my talk
Ground myself into who I want to be
Not who I used to be
Step out of the door into the life that’s been waiting
Before it gives up and passes me by
Before I give up and never truly know
The magnificent magic that I can build
When I step out of the the door

From a daily writing prompt in the creative writing group I facilitate